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Reiki Attunements & Training / Courses

Do you feel drawn to reiki? Is the thought of training in reiki or having a reiki attunement really of interest to you all of a sudden?

Perhaps it is time to develop your own abilities and you are looking to take your first reiki attunement at level 1, or perhaps to the next levels, level 2, Master or Teacher level? If you are, how exciting! You've come to the right place! 

Shauna is proud to follow the long and successful tradition of 're-awakening' the healing hands energy by teaching and handing down the energy in the traditional & true Usui way, in person by touching the hands, and offers one to one in-depth and exclusive private 3 hour learning experiences for those with a burning desire to learn this incredible gift and a natural way of healing.

Shauna will train you in how to easily and naturally be a channel for the reiki and you will feel reiki flowing (often for the first time!) and use the reiki energy.

at Reiki Level 1 training, after the workshop you will be able to:
*Give this healing energy to others and pick up energies in friends and family (telling you important information about different aspects of emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual health). 
*Receive a powerful reiki attunement that creates a beautiful connection with the reiki energy for life.
*Practice with confidence at level one
*Understand what chakras are
*Understand what each chakra is responsible for, and how to tell if they are not balanced
*Learn how to balance chakras and align the chakras
*Know ethically when to offer reiki and when it is not appropriate
*Trust your instincts more and get in touch with your aligned self
*Join the Sheffield reiki 'Shining Light Circle' so you have continued support and peer mentoring. You will be supported in continuing your learning experience in this field, make valuable friendships with other new and experienced South Yorkshire Reiki Healers and practitioners who are meeting up, and be encouraged to continue to develop, learn about new techniques and tools relevant to the field and expand your practice & skills in reiki.

At Reiki Level Two training, after the workshop you will be able to:
*Receive & correctly use the powerful reiki sacred symbols
*Learn and explore more advanced chakra work, including (but not limited to) chakra rhythms, colours & combinations
*Discover when not to give reiki 
*explore how to send distance healing
*Receive another powerful attunement opening up the capacity to harness more energy.
*Gain the knowledge and understanding of how and where you can set up and what to charge *Gain insurance with this certificate & practice on the public*.
(*Shauna's courses are certified at level two & above to gain insurance, allowing you to set up a business should you wish to enjoy this wonderful work and create an additional income for you). 

As a certified and trusted well known and loved Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, Shauna can enjoy the privilege of attuning members of the public, reiki practitioners & therapists to become ethical and successful Masters of Reiki, at the most advanced and competent level (level 3).
Reiki is so useful in helping support the physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual aspects of the whole person, it's therefore a perfect complement to many professions and for people to use in their personal lives as well.

Shauna crucially offers reiki training that is both practical, grounding and inspiring in these powerful intense workshops, as well as live demos and in-depth teaching and tutoring on chakras and chakra balancing. 

The Reiki attunements also promote a deeper personal wellbeing and transformation that allows a lot of growth and development for the trainee who wants to learn reiki. All reiki training workshops are 3 hours long and require students to go through a 21 day period after their attunement where they 'give something up or do something demonstrative everyday' as a way of showing their gratitude to the universe. This could be giving up chocolate, alcohol, TV or working out everyday, doing a yoga 21 day challenge or keeping a journal for 21 days. Please check with Shauna about your ideas if you're not sure what could work for you. As standard, these beautiful 3 hour intensive workshops dare elivered one to one in a relaxed tranquil space with Shauna, for the most powerful & authentic learning method possible, for your complete, unrushed & supportive learning. This can create an incredibly deep 'shift' in people, & a new sense of calm confidence and inner peace and happiness. Students love this experience and are supported after the workshop by Shauna, always having a genuine friend just a call away if they experience some curious changes in a client or family member after giving them reiki!
Feel free to read some testimonies from past beautiful apprentices who've attended the one to one courses (it opens in a new window) - over at the Health and Healing Facebook page here: :-)

If you would like to enquire about booking yourself a 3 hour reiki one to one intensive with Shauna, get in touch here now and say hello!  If you can share what level you're at, and what you'd like to learn (your specific interest in working with reiki) and the level you want to be attuned at  (beginner - 1, experienced - 2, Master practitioner - 3, Teacher - 4 or Refresh / gain experience) you'll receive a personal email back from Shauna about the one to one in-depth reiki training, availability and much more! We look forwards to meeting you if Reiki has inspired you to get learning and healing now! 

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