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Trusted Reiki Healer and Qualified Hypnotherapist Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

Checklist Test: Do you want to...

  • Understand, explore or resolve an area of your past or current life
  • Lose weight and feel great - achieving a better, longer lasting result
  • Relax and feel calm, Sleep well at night & feel in control 
  • Perhaps you've got a burning desire to quit smoking, another habit or an addiction?
  • Work smarter in your business, Manage more efficiently, boost motivation & organise (and follow through on) your goals
  • Delete stress and anxiety and become a challenge champion at home & work! 
  • speak easy during public speaking, feel comfortable and relaxed presenting and giving speeches
  • Melt away exam stress and conquer tests and nerves
  • Improve Relationships & Intimacy & move on to happiness after break ups or divorce
If this sounds good, you are in the right place. 
Whatever the support or behaviour change you are looking for, we can help. 

Why not book in a free, no obligation consultation today to find out more about how we could help resolve your issue? 

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Hypnotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis, Personal behaviour patterns & Change 

Looking to stop something, start something or change something in your life for good?

Could it be you're curious or determined to achieve new things, maybe make a change in your life and be supported in doing it, using hypnosis and hypnotherapy? 

Maybe you're in Sheffield or live in South Yorkshire and are looking on behalf of someone close to you, or perhaps it's you who is ready to start living life again, becoming a more confident you and you're considering a locally based, friendly and highly qualified hypnotherapist to help motivate you with this?

Here at Health and Healing Sheffield, Shauna provides high calibre hypnosis and hypnotherapy, through our sister business called Hypnotherapy In Sheffield (you can simply click through to it here), where ethically minded, insured, qualified and regulated quality hypnotherapy will deliver the most up to date skills and techniques to help you achieve the change your looking for. Our logo is on the top left above, check for it as a standard you can trust! 

For your Peace of Mind 

All therapy provided will be discussed together in advance, and will involve looking for suggestions and solutions along the way as we step forward together to achieve your goals as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Rest assured, as an ethical and qualified practitioner, if hypnosis or hypnotherapy is not appropriate for you or is not effective within a short period of time of using it (this sometimes is the case), we offer confidential advice and guidance on other services and avenues of exploration that may be of use concerning your area of need.

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The private and relaxing practice is located on the quiet, residential street of Buttermere Road in Abbeydale, Sheffield, S7 2AX. We can also visit you for an additional premium, please see below.

Please note: We also offer a domiciliary service (visit to your home) for your comfort. The cost of this per visit is £140. This is to cover session time spent travelling to your destination and back, petrol costs, plus the standard hour session that you will benefit from (£70). Please mention this in advance on the telephone or via email when booking your assessment if you are requiring a home visit.

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