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What is Reiki, exactly?

Reiki is a healing energy that is available to you all the time, but many have 'lost' the ability to harness it.

With the help of a reiki practitioner, this bio-electrical energy can be channelled via yourself to boost the energy centres (chakras) in the physical body and mind. It feels tingly, warm, comforting and relaxing and can help heal and strengthen, remove blockages within your body and encourage immunity and health.

It balances the chakras in your body, meaning many people often report it also reminds them of 'who they are' and gets you back to being 'you' and so may be helpful to those dealing with relationship difficulties or mental health conditions. There are no promises with reiki and results are not guaranteed so it is best to use a common sense approach, keep a realistic (but open) mind, and see how reiki works for you. 

Natural reiki healing compliments existing western medicine perfectly. It's both naturally safe and relaxing, and completely tailored to your physical, emotional & spiritual health.

Reiki healing treatments are a very professionally delivered, relaxing and naturally comforting experience that people return to again and again due to the peaceful feelings they experience and the physical effects.  It is a time of relaxation, repair and renewal.

With gentle music playing in the background and softly lit candles enticing you to relax on the fleecy bed, you can feel like a king or queen in a spa with the warmth of the reiki around you as you experience a deeper level of relaxation and peaceful tranquillity. Doesn't everybody need a bit of peace from time to time?

Overall, the natural reiki healing energy returns the body and mind to the state of 'ease', helping to prevent 'dis-ease' from setting in. It is a relaxing session which takes place in a calm and warm professional and relaxing environment.

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What will I experience in my Reiki healing treatment?

The process...

In a professional and therapeutic setting, we talk through a brief summary of the problem and it's history is taken (via a friendly chat) so I understand the issues you're currently facing. You then lay down on the fleecy therapy bed (fully clothed) whilst gentle music plays in the background allowing you to relax and unwind for the session. 

The practitioner always sits behind the client's head at first, putting their hands either side of the clients head, usually not in contact with the head, before periodically placing the hands on the head (rest assured, after the first 10 seconds you get used to it...and it feels comfortable,safe and warm) before moving to the shoulders, and then along the body (without any touch) over the chakras (the energy locations in the human body) before placing my hands on the knees, ankles and finally finishing by gently holding the feet (optional).

With the exception of the head, shoulders, knees, ankles and feet, generally little contact will be made with your body anywhere else unless there is heat to suggest I work on it, in which case I will ask in advance if I have this permission (whilst always respecting normal personal space). All permissions for contact including the above locations will be discussed before the session commences and changed or left out if people do not or have not given permission. This will not adversely affect the healing energy and it's destination within the body.

During this time of healing, there will be silent meditation where people often see colours, images and sometimes even 'feel' advice in their own mind... so it is wonderfully relaxing to unwind and feel peaceful on the bed, as the practitioner concentrates on silently asking for the beneficial & invigorating energy to flow all around you. The healing will then start travelling into the healer's hands as a hot tingly sensation and is often detected by the client straight away. 

What will it feel like for me?

Clients often describes feeling a warmth over the areas where the hands are held (similar to the gentle heat of the sun), they feel relaxed, seeing pictures or gentle swirling colours or feeling emotionally 'released' like they're floating.

I will gently tell you when the healing has finished. The session takes around 45 minutes and this includes time to discuss the reiki after, depending on how much energy is absorbed by your aura and mind / body in particular, and any observed imbalances (i.e. if any of the seven chakra areas in the body have a slight blockage or are slowed down a little, which can lead to symptoms and 'dis-ease').

After the reiki is over, I always ask clients to drink plenty of water as their systems will detox (this is naturally started by the reiki)  and stay observant for the next three days as it can be a very interesting time...see below for more information on the after effects of reiki!

You can wonder about what you will experience.... Read some of the fascinating testimonies from others who have seen me here!

Full standard treatment cost is £50 a session & includes feedback on how your physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually doing with advice as well on how to help move this forward. I charge my fee to ensure you get the  supported space and quality you deserve. As a trained & insured, experienced reiki therapist, this wonderfully healing and re-energising treatment can blow people away.


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After the healing session has taken place - the exciting 3 days after!

The most fascinating part of the healing for some people, is often the few days that follow it. Not only is it important to drink plenty of water to rehydrate and help clear your system of released toxins, it's important to keep a record of your days after receiving healing.

Some of the things clients have reported to me are: bizarre coincidences occur more frequently, scans have come back clearer, aches and strains reduce or disappear, libido and physical energy returns more than they've experienced in a while, sudden motivations for things they liked in childhood, certain internal growths can sometimes change pattern for the better, pain reduces or passion increases...sometimes it's simply that clients report feeling 'a lot more like myself again' and these are all successes. 

I ask all my clients to keep a mini diary for a few days after to observe any strange things, coincidences, signs or differences in their lives or conditions as it often happens after and people don't always remember all the many things they noticed so it's a good record for a catch up session or chat after!

Healing treatments can lead to all sorts of exciting or unusual developments in your life... what will you experience? Try a reiki healing treatment now!

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What if I have a real physical pain, or don't believe in God / angels / energy? Will it be a problem? 

No, not at all! 

First of all, you don't need to believe in anything in particular to enjoy and get all the benefits of healing from someone who channels it. If you book a session, you book it for a reason. That reason is good enough!

I always advise,

"If you want to get better and other standard approaches don't seem to be working for you - why not try the powerful, completely safe, natural and ancient style of healing health? It was built on thousands of years of practice and strong evidence. You be your own judge; When it helps how you feel -  you'll believe in it."

Simple as that!

The reiki treatments are very relaxing, and in the majority of cases, people report better sleep, deeper comfort and other benefits to their situation or condition very soon after a session. 

Some people find they only need one to kick start their immune system again. 

Others come regularly every 2-3 weeks and find it helps their bodies with managing conditions so they don't interfere with their daily living as much. Others choose to come once every 3 months or so for a pampering 'natural health boost & alignment' and detoxing effect.

My whole purpose is to help people, to help share health & happiness so people can appreciate again that there is more to life than 'settling' with a current not-as-good-as-you-want-it-to-be life. I care deeply about the work I do and believe the most important basic need for all of us is to enjoy good health and wellbeing and to share this toolkit with others whilst we're here!

To get the best chance of finding what you're looking for - be it better health, mood, energy or outlook, I would keep an open mind about what solutions are available and sample healing. It's been around thousands of years for a reason and it will be around thousands more...thousands of people who didn't believe in it at first do now (I include myself in this category) and it's all because they experienced it first hand!

Many clients often feel annoyed that they didn't try the healing sooner! Most clients I've worked with rave about it enthusiastically, recommending it to their friends and family soon after. It spreads; and unlike strong chemical drugs or invasive procedures that many people face because they feel they have to, this is a totally safe and natural alternative. 

Please don't worry that because you can't see it, it might be 'hocus pocus' - it's quite the contrary and I pray it gives HOPE back to some people along with health benefits to you all!

What healing can't alway heal....Understanding difficult choices and experiences

Because it comes from a higher intuitive source, the energy will work for our best interests only and will not intervene on some things if it's destined that the person for some reason will need to experience it. It seems a bit unfair sometimes, but the effects are amazing for some people literally changing their current health with a few sessions, and for others their symptoms reduce, their confidence improves, but their overall health issue remains, still affecting their physical health.

We each have extremely hard things that we have to experience in life and each have hard lessons to learn and practice. Healing will almost always offer improvement or the reducing of symptoms in these cases even if the main cause remains, as the higher source understands when a situation or illness is becoming too much for the person and it wants to help in whatever ways it's permitted to do.

The difficult choice some people face is in taking the chance on healing; with serious conditions it could have a large positive impact on mental and physical health, or a little positive impact which may be more harm than good for someone who is not coping very well with their situation.

It's extremely important to keep perspective until after the initial couple of sessions to avoid this and also to really benefit from the relaxation of the sessions as well. The effects could range from empowering huge cascading changes, working on re-balancing the mind or the chakras to allow good energy flow in the client, to working on reducing symptoms or working quite intensely on a specific targeted internal area of the body.

I can only bring forth the healing from the higher source for your health, not influence it unfortunately, no matter how much I wish I could sometimes (Be wary of anyone who says they can!!!).

Rest assured, good things are sent even if the energy sometimes works in different ways to what we ask for (see the positive testimonials page for more on this).

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