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Quotes I first went to Shauna because I've had fibromyalgia since 1999. I suffer from tiredness, achiness & pain as well as migraines & 'foggy brain'. I used to regularly get to the stage of total collapse, when I had to go to bed because I simply couldn't function. I have tried everything over the years, but nothing worked until I discovered reiki. My health has improved dramatically now, I have more energy & can do things that I have not been able to do for years. I do not hit that wall of fatigue anymore. The reiki healing has built up my strength & capacity, giving me more energy - mentally & physically. I feel like I did before the condition developed. I feel energised for longer periods now; it took several months, but has been so worth it as I can plan things now & cope with being busy. Fibromyalgia does not rule my life any more, I do!! The sessions are relaxing & enjoyable with music and candles. It helps talking to a trained therapist as well! You have given me my life back. :) Quotes
It's priceless. I've got my life back.

Quotes Hello, I just wanted to share my experience of healing with you because I was very sceptical of reiki when it was suggested to me as being particularly good for joint problems and physical conditions. I have to say, it's brilliant. I've found myself actually recommending it to others, because my eczema is better than it's ever been and my arthritis in my elbows and wrists has all but gone. I can't explain it because I've had it for years and me and my wife have tried every herbal remedy, lotion and potion and therapy to cure it or ease it with very little help, that is until I started having reiki. It's magical stuff - try it, it worked for me. I don't have any problems now. Quotes
Mr. Longshaw
Eczema & Arthritis

Quotes Hi Health and Healing (Shauna), thanks for the reiki, Ophelia was delivered on the 31st August at 8.14pm and is perfect! The reiki was SUCH a pamper when I was beginning to feel like an elephant just before she was born!! It was absolutely AMAZING, never felt so relaxed and happy. i actually felt myself healing and relaxing, and the three days after I was indeed weeing for England! I will be coming back for more and recommending you to all my girlfriends! Reiki rocks :0) Quotes
thankyou so much!

Quotes Shauna is a natural healer, she is very good at reiki. Her hands get really hot during treatments when I'm laying on the therapy bed and it feels tingly and relaxing. The room is lovely too. It's a really nice time that I always look forwards to. I'm so glad I have discovered reiki and Shauna is lovely. Very good. Quotes
Reiki Client

Quotes Hi there, I had reiki 3 months ago and was feeling very emotional and upset to do with a relationship breakdown. The reiki felt really reassuring and safe, and I felt better shortly afterwards, more balanced. When you placed your hands on my knees you said you 'saw' a huge ship? well guess what? I just wanted to let you know I have begun a relationship ('out of the blue' lol) with an old friend of mine who would you believe it, is now working on a big ocean liner and it looks like I might even be going to work on it in the near future! thankyoooooooooooou! It was magic! Quotes
Harry P
was feeling flat and now I'm happy :)

Quotes I went to Shauna because of a niggly cough and really sore throats that would come and go, never really going away. The antibiotics never shifted it; After the healing was delivered, My throat was still dry and I figured nothing had changed but I'd give it a few days to see how it went. I did however became really motivated all of a sudden to take up crafts again. It had been years since i'd done them. I really enjoyed the satisfaction of doing it and it made me think how I didn't get that from my job anymore. I'd not noticed before but I actually hated my non creative medical job now with a passion! I just wanted out, there was no creativity or chance to chat to people at all in it! I also dreamed of travelling again like i did when i was a teenager - since having a child I'd forgotton how much I loved it. I've since planned a holiday now & convinced my hubby we should go travelling and a friend of mine got me an interview in a fast paced A&E job. I'm loving it and throat has healed! Quotes
sore throat all the time