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About Me - Shauna T. R. Naylor

Here you can find out a little more about my own experience of reiki, my background and qualifications!
I deliver the reiki healing treatments here at Health and Healing Sheffield and have been qualified, dedicated, insured and practising professionally now since 2010, so I'm up to date on the latest understandings of reiki, safe and experienced for your peace of mind.

My own experience of a Reiki Healing Treatment  

I have to say for my first reiki treatment I was sceptical and unsure, but it simply blew me away! That's how I became inspired to train up under a genuine reiki master for three years to develop my healing strength and ability and share this wonderful ability with others. The developing of skills never stops of course, it only seems to grow and evolve stronger over time.

I remember my first ever experience of reiki. I was having a difficult time at work, and I went for a reiki session not really sure what to expect. It wasn't the kind of thing I was used to or had tried before. I went more because a friend encouraged me too actually, and not at all out of choice!

It was very peaceful and the reiki healer was well trained, kind and professional.  They explained that a treatment was very relaxing safe and natural. It was more ‘normal’ than I’d thought, like a professional health treatment. It was really peaceful, quite pampering even... and VERY relaxing!

The healer went quiet and I found my thoughts after a couple of minutes drifting and starting to relax. 

My body seemed to unwind and actually made small popping and creaking noises during the healing session. I couldn’t believe the colours I was seeing with my eyes closed, the warm comforting energy I could feel all over, even though the reiki healer was behind my head. I couldn't believe it or explain it! All my tensions were disappearing and my reiki healer seemed totally used to this kind of thing happening.

The reiki healer later told me I had strong healing energy which should be developed and used. The relaxation and healing from that first session lasted a few months for me, but more importantly seemed to ‘re-align’ my goals in life and ultimately because of that, my wellbeing. Ever since then I have trained and studied healing reiki with a passion, practising and developing my abilities whenever I can.

Practising Reiki Healing - My Experience  

During my studying, training and attunements, many people commented that I had a strong healing ability, and I started working with clients privately around this time.

Since forming Health and Healing Sheffield for clients seeking regulated, qualified and insured reiki treatments in Sheffield, I’ve worked with over a 100 clients in helping their conditions and outlook and concentrated on two specialist areas of development;

  • Developing peoples’ abilities to re-energise themselves and unlock their own healing ability
  • The ‘heat seeking’ technique, a seeking out method of undiagnosed medically-related problems located within peoples’ physical bodies through the heat generated and reflected by my hands.

Qualifications & Specialisms 

  • I am a Reiki Master and Teacher and was first the apprentice of the lovely reiki master Carole Ballentyne, and then I was made a master by the wonderful Master and Teacher Helen Meldon. (it was a great privelidge working with both of these amazing reiki masters.)
  • My background is in the field of health and personal empowerment: I.e. I worked with homeless young people and adults,  working daily with substance abuse, domestic abuse, relationship difficulties, managing stress, low self esteem. I also worked as a trainer in these areas, worked with young carers, worked with learning disabilities in children, autism, aspergers, mental health issues and coping with loss, amongst other areas.
  • I continued to be fascinated by health and the repair of the body and mind whilst practising reiki and later qualified as a Hypnotherapist, completing both a Diploma in Hypnotherapy (both hypnosis and therapy techniques) and a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP - rewiring the brain techniques) with added experience in the practice of Hypnotic Coaching.  This scientific therapeutic approach perfectly compliments my down to earth approach to all health matters. 

Both therapies offer very different but incredibly effective approaches for all of my clients. It really is health from the best of both worlds!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to get in touch or book yourself or a loved one a session by clicking on the link or the  'get in touch' button on the menu above. Best wishes!